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Kingdom Resources Investor Communication

April 25, 2014
TKR speaks daily with accredited investors who consistently tell the tale of how their last investment ended with no communication or phone calls.  This is a common trait of companies whose goal is to get the money on the front end.  Leadership and integrity are non-existent from such companies and it’s a true disservice to those of us who are here to make a difference.  At TKR we will not hide behind the desk, lock our doors and close our blinds when it comes to informing you of the positive and negatives.  Like every investment there is a risk.  Your goal is to see your investment portfolio increase but you also want to be made aware of the risks and liabilities.  Terminology like dry holes, completion costs, equipment breakdown, fracking, drill and test and turnkey are all addressed in a professional manner.  We are determined to be direct and communicate in order to keep you promptly informed.  TKR’s mission statement states ““Creating Opportunity with Integrity and Compassion valuing Quality and Stability in the marketplace.”  This plan leads the way. It renews our vision and strategic focus by adding value to our target market segments in the oil and gas market.

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